Our Promise

When you see the Abundant Earth logo you know that you are getting the very best that nature has to offer.
Food untouched by chemicals, containing nothing artificial, grown and manufactured through processes that sustain
our environment.

At Abundant Earth we have been proudly committed to evolving and developing our range of wholesome, delicious and innovative certified organic and natural foods since 1984.

We believe organic food is about working in harmony with nature and understanding that each part of the eco-system is linked:
- from the soil, plants and animals where our ingredients are farmed
- to the processes and materials our manufacturers use to create our finished products
- to you and to us, the people who enjoy them.

It's about respecting and taking responsibility for the impact that each step has on our bodies and on our environment to promote a healthy you and a healthy planet.

Our brand promise has inspired us now more than ever to find new and better ways to run our business. This begins with auditing our office, converting our packaging to recycled and recyclable materials and bringing our ingredient sourcing and manufacturing as close to home as possible to reduce the environmental impact.

We invite you to try our fabulous organic range and to join us as we step up our journey towards eco-responsibility.